Snail Bob Is A Single Player Game

Snail Bob is a single player game where the goal is to guide your character through screens full of baddies and obstacles. There are eight games in the serious and each of them have similar gameplay, but new challenges await anyone who’s willing to lead Snail Bob on his journey.

The graphics are simple and reminiscent of a cartoon, which helps players identify Bob Snail and his potential threats. The gameplay involves helping Bob navigate a path, which the player can manipulate to create a route to the exit. Switches and buttons change aspects of the level to help Bob move along. A bounce pad might be activated, or a speed boost may become available.

Utilizing these resources correctly is the only way to get a perfect score on the level. Along this path, it’s possible for Bob to get stuck or hurt, so it’s important for the player to strategize their next move. Enemies can either be trapped or disabled with environmental factors, although Bob himself doesn’t have much combat ability.

This makes sense, as a snail he’s prey to most creatures, which is part of what makes this game so unique. Rather than play as a fighter, the object of overcoming danger through tactics is what lies at the heart of the gameplay. The different games put Bob in several situations. The locations take him from jungles to deserts, while his goals within these places also change. Sometimes he’s trying to find a new place to live, and other times he’s saving a loved one from the clutches of an evil creature.

At first, manipulating variables around the level will be easy, but later levels will hold serious challenge for players that enjoy a puzzle. Sometimes, Bob will find companions that will aid him in his quest. Depending on how well Bob does throughout the level, he’ll earn starts and more points. Perhaps Bob will have the chance to exit the level by merely crawling under it, however, if he takes the longer path and disables the obstacle, then it’s possible to collect more goodies along the way. This choice adds a level to the game that means that inexperienced players will be able to make it through the story, while veteran gamers will find a deeper puzzle hidden away.

Players can decide between experiencing the story of Snail Bob or they can try to go for a massive score. The format of the game is Adobe Flash, which means that certain devices will have trouble loading up this particular adventure. Those who are able to play the game, however, will find joy in checking out the myriad environments that Bob travels through on his various adventures. Finishing a level is fun because it means that the player has accomplished something, however it’s also addictive to finish each part because a new gorgeous art piece awaits in the next zone. Whether Bob is meandering through a mossy forest or in pursuit of a loving mate, he’s sure to bring entertainment to players all over the world.